Our Solicitor’s fees for Wills are as follows:

Item Cost VAT
Single straightforward Will from £150.00 £30.00
Pair of similar straightforward Wills from £240.00 £48.00
Discretionary Trust £400.00 to £500.00 £80.00 to £100.00
Severance of Joint Tenancy £80.00 £16.00
Solicitors fees for Codicils are:
Single £60.00 £12.00
Pair £120.00 £24.00

The above fees may alter if your will is complex. Your affairs may not be straightforward if you require additional advice on inheritance tax, trusts, transferring property to a family member or would like advice on long term care payments. You may have family from a previous marriage/civil partnership or have other dependents. You may want to exclude a dependent as a beneficiary of your estate.

Powers of Attorney.

Our Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) fees are as follows:

Item Cost VAT
Single LPA – Property & Affairs £200.00 £40.00
Single LPA – Health & Welfare £200.00 £40.00
Both types of LPA £400.00 £80.00
Couple doing both types of LPA £800.00 £160.00
Registration fee (per document) £82.00 £16.40

* You may be entitled to a fee exemption or reduction depending on your income.

Probate and Intestacy.

Probate is when you need to deal with bequests in someone’s Will. Intestacy means that someone has died without leaving a Will and there are strict rules as to who is allowed to inherit someone’s assets.

Average Costs and Time Frame based on a simple will.

It can take between 10 and 12 months to conclude administration of the estate including obtaining a Grant of Probate where required, and between 7 and 10 hours work at an average hourly rate of £220, totalling between £1,540 and £2,200 plus VAT for our fees.

Additional Fees

  • Probate fees of £155 (due to increase in 2019) plus 50p per office copy of the Grant of Probate on application.
  • Oath fee of £5 plus £2 for each exhibit.
  • Bankruptcy search of £2 plus VAT per beneficiary.
  • There will also be fees to be paid for adverts in the London Gazette and a local paper. These charges vary and it is not possible to give an estimate. Actual cost will be provided on giving your instructions.

For any other case where the above assumptions do not apply a bespoke estimate of costs will be provided on giving instructions.